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KATIE Couric Show, Wednesday, December 4th, on your Local ABC-TV Channel



Jesse is only a beatiful memory, thanks to the HPV vaccine

Dead at 17
Parents Stalked by Dorit Reiss, a Law Professor "Troll" from UCHastings School of the Law

The Gardasil HPV vaccine is disabling and killing teens and pre-teens at an alarming rate, and the man who said vaccines are safe and don't cause autism has an arrest warrant for fraud by the United States Department of Justice (click here). On Wednesday, December 4th, the KATIE Couric show had devoted part of their program to the controversy surrounding MERCK Pharmaceutical's Gardasil HPV vaccine. 

The Gardasil HPV vaccine injects Genetically Modified pieces of four Sexually Transmitted Diseases from infected men, into the arm of young girls and boys (Genetically Modified "L1" proteins).  Unfortunately, these Sexually Transmitted Disease are grown in a fungus to make them grow quickly. Many girls and boys are allergic to mold, go into septic shock, and faint shortly after receiving the STDs in the vaccine.  Some of the girls drove home immediately after being vaccinated, and were killed in auto crashes. The cause of death was blamed on a car crash.  Other girls formed blood clots, especially teens taking birth control pills. The cause of death for these girls was listed as "Blood Clot", and the HPV vaccine was never implicated.  All this, and much more, especially the girls who became paralyzed and/or infertile, has been hidden from the general public.  Because the aluminum in modern vaccines is so potent at triggering inflammation, it is also triggering autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia at an alarming rate. 

To make vaccines "look safe" during clinical trials, Merck Pharmaceuticals "excludes" people that have allergies, and might die as a result of this. The "Mother-Daughter Initiative" is just one clinical trial that excludes "ANYONE WITH ALLERGIES" or "WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM" or "OTHER IMMUNE PROBLEMS", but parents in the United States are not told this. If this "EXCLUSION CRITERIA" were followed (similar to vaccine package inserts that doctors negligently ignore), the deaths and disabilities caused by the Gardasil HPV vaccine would be virtually eliminated, but some people at UCHastings apparently put profits above human life, and when these people are in a teaching capacity, this college needs its accreditation pulled: The Pharmaceutical and Pro-vaccine communities want everyone to be vaccinated, even if if the vaccine will cause death.

What these parents are asking is that their CIVIL RIGHT to LIFE be enforced (18 USC 245), and that doctors doctors WARN caregivers of medical conditions in their child that would put their child at risk of death, paralysis, and other disabilities, instead of looking at profits first (18 USC 241).  These doctors appear to be medically negligent in that they failed to put life before the $400.00 vaccine, and the more vaccines these vendors give, the greater their profits.  Most doctors BURY THEIR MISTAKES.  These parents do NOT wish their child's death and the other of the more than 30,000 reported life threatening or negative events to be listed as "Collateral Damage".  The following "Exclusion Criteria is a "SMOKING GUN" for any lawyer, along with the fact that in interview after interview, parent were told the HPV vaccine was SAFE:

The KATIE Couric Show invited parent of these disabled and dead children to tell their story online, and the producers of the show expected about 100 posts.  By early Tuesday, there were over 5,000 posts, because someone may have "tipped off" pharmaceutical lobbyists, who could send "shills" over to post thousands of pro-vaccine messages, and harass and degrade these parents, claiming that that the parents of these sick and dead children were "anti-vax", and that they are bad parents and "harming children". Dorit Reiss of UCHastings School of the LAW is one person posting such trash, and demanding the grieving parents produce medical records and prove that they are really injured. Stalked parents are becoming very angry with Dorit Reiss, who claims she is working for UCHastings Scool of the Law, which was notified (Elise Traynor), but appears to condone Dorit's behavior.

Many of Dorit's comments appear to be coming from a personality that is disoriented and confused, and her comments make no sense at all. I definitely would not even allow her to teach my dog! 

At other times, Dorit Reiss appears even more disoriented, blaming and accusing grieving parents, who are trying to find closure and support with other families of deceased and injured children through the Katie Couric Show, for doing it in public, because it's hurting MERCK's profits. She now says that she no longer needs medical records from these grieving parents, and, as spokesperson for UCHastings School of the Law, arrogantly states that the parents are defensive and wrong. 

UCHastings School of the Law Professor Dorit Reiss then demanded that these grieving parents, who faithfully vaccinated their children who all acquired virtually the same core set of symptoms, "explain to us what is the medical evidence that shows that your child's harm is due to the vaccine

One parent finally became so disgusted with this prime example of a UCHastings School of the Law professor that they wrote the following: 

The reason these children are dead or disabled is because their parent were PRO-VACCINE, and waned to PROTECT their children from CERVICAL CANCER.  These parents listened to the their doctor and trusted the FDA that the vaccine was safe.  Their children then received the Gardasil HPV vaccine, but nobody warned them that the vaccine could harm or kill them, especially if they were Irish, Scottish, English German, or had other Northern European ancestry, and carried the HLA gene. People of Irish ancestry have been hit the hardest.

Unfortunately, the same vaccine is now causing cancers in the children it was suppose to protect, ant to make matters worse, doctors are refuse to treat these children for fear of lawsuits.  Many of these children have virtually the same set of symptoms, which sometimes includes a combination of Fatigue; head pressure; loss of short term memory; sensitivity to light and sound; feeling cold; poor concentration; dropping from a "A" to a "C" in school; dizziness; heart palpitations; Pin in joints; pain in muscles; Histamine Intolerance (Mastocytosis symptoms); Hemochromatosis (inhibits C282Y gene); Pyroluria (high copper levels); IPT; POTS; etc., but the one thing that parents notice most frequently, but don't talk about, is that their loving child suddenly turns into the "she bitch from hell" as one mother put it, which happens to the majority of these children.


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Information about some of the injured/dead children can be found here:




December 1, 2013   CDC: Newly reported cases (represents about 1-2% of actual cases):


VAERS Reports = Death Post Gardasil 12/1/2013
These are just a few…..
Female AGE 11>> Information has been received from a nurse practitioner who heard from an emergency room (ER) nurse that an 11 year old female was vaccinated "within in the past month" in approximately May 2007 with a first dose of Gardasil. Subsequently, 3 days after vaccination the patient presented to an ER. She experienced cardiac arrest, required lung bypass (ECMO) and "may not have expired." It was also reported by the same nurse that the physician from the hospital said that "the death was due to an anaphylactic reaction to Gardasil." The anaphylactic reaction and cardiac arrest were considered to be life threatening by the reporter. Additional information has been requested.
Female>> Information has been received from a licensed visiting nurse via a nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner was told by a friend that a female patient was vaccinated with Gardasil and two weeks alter developed a blood clot. Subsequently the patient died. The cause of death was from the blood clot. The reporting licensed visiting nurse considered the blood clot to be immediately life-threatening and disabling. Additional information has been requested.
Female age 17>>Write-up: Information has been received from a physician concerning a female who on an unknown date was vaccinated with the first dose of Gardasil (yeast, unknown lot number) and in July 2007, was vaccinated with the second dose of Gardasil. In September 2007, the patient died.
Female age 12>>Information has been received from a physician''s assistant concerning a 12 year old female with no reported medical history who on approximately 15-SEP-2007 was vaccinated with Gardasil. It was noted that this was not where the vaccine was administered, rather they were the patient''s family physician. On 06-OCT-2007 the patient died in her sleep
Female age 26>>Write-up: Information has been received from a physician concerning a large female who received one dose of Gardasil. Subsequently, the patient was found dead in her truck from a blood clot that traveled from her legs to her lungs. The cause of death was reported to be a blood clot.
Female age 20>> Information has been received from a physician concerning a 20 year old female with no medical history reported, who on 01-APR-2008 was vaccinated with a dose of Gardasil. On 05-APR-2008, the patient died four days after receiving Gardasil. The patient sought unspecified medical attention. An autopsy was performed which ruled out suicide and anything suspicious.
Female age 17 DIES 15 days after Gardasil>>Death 9/9/08 Death certificate states COD as idiopathic seizure disorder. 8/5/08 Reviewed ER medical records of 6/12/2008. Records reveal patient found unresponsive, prone on her bed when parent went to awake for school. Last seen at bedtime. Pupils fixed & dilated, cyanotic & pale, incontinent of urine, developed pulmonary edema during resuscitation. Unable to resuscitate.
Female age 15 Dies 2 days after Gardasil>> Death -coroner says enlarged heart & enlarge spleen 7/4/08 Reviewed PCP medical records of 1999-6/2008 which included vax record. In 8/2007, c/o of tiredness & loss of appetite. Monospot (-). On day of vax, patient was well, weight noted as 237, otherwise no complaints. 7/8/08 Autopsy report states COD as arrhythmia due to cardiomyopathy.States anatomic findings of obesity, pulmonary edema, mild & left ventricular hypertrophy w/myocardial nuclear enlargement. Patient had been found non-responsive by family.
Female age 21 Dies 17 days AfterGardasil>> Pt received her 3rd and final dose of HPV vaccine on 6/3/08. Per mother patient was found dead, in bed on 6/22/08, in her dorm room at an out-of-state college. According to the autopsy the patient had been dead for about 48 hours. According to mother autopsy was negative except for splenic inflammation. 8/22/08 Autopsy report also states Final Diagnoses: Cardiac arrest,
Female age 15 Dies 45 days After Gardasil>>Information has been received from a certified medical assistant concerning a 14 year old female who was vaccinated with a first dose of GARDASIL and experienced syncope. She was taken to an emergency room and released. The patient was vaccinated with a second dose of GARDASIL (unspecified time). Subsequently, the patient experienced her first seizure (unspecified time) and was taken to the emergency room (no further details provided). The patient was vaccinated with a third dose of GARDASIL at 15 years old. Approximately 27-JUN-2008, two weeks after the third dose, the patient developed a complication. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance but passed away during the transport from an unknown cause
Female age 19 dies 12 days after Gardasil>>Write-up: Patient, a previously healthy 19 year-old female college freshman died suddenly yesterday, approximately 10 days after receiving Gardasil & menningococcal vaccines. Vaccines were administered by a medical provider in her hometown while she was home for the Thanksgiving holiday, sometime around 11-28-08. She had a medical appointment pending for 12-8-08 (the day of her death) with the Student Health Service; medical clerk had entered "possible seizure" as the reason for making the appointment. Patient had no history of epilepsy. She complained of a headache and not feeling well in the 24 hours prior to her death. She went to bed at 10:30 PM on 12-7-08, in her dorm room with a roomate. She appeared to still be sleeping the next morning when her roomate left for class. Her body was discovered still in bed around 5 PM that day (12-8-08) with rigor mortis. No history of substance abuse, alcohol intake, or depression or other mental health issues. She was a happy, achieving student.
Female age 11 Dies 1 day after Gardasil>>Information has been received from a physician concerning an 11 year old patient who was vaccinated with GARDASIL (lot number, route and site not reported). Subsequently the patient died. Additional information has been requested.
Female age 13 dies 25 days after gardasil>> Patient received the HPV as well as the flu nasal spray on Aug 25th. I first declined getting her the vaccination but her doctor ensured me that it was safe. I had declined the same vaccination a year earlier at the downtown public health center. Patient was getting ready for school and was standing by her closet, and all of a sudden she fell, she lost total control of her legs. She went to school and could not engage in any of the activities because of the numbness in her legs and the swelling of her foot. She also, started to get a really bad headache. Days later she woke up out of her sleep complaining of a severe headache, which usually she gets if she has a seizure but she hadn''t had a seizure this night. She continued to say she had not feeling in her foot and tingling feeling in her leg. After I examined her foot I noticed it was swollen. The next morning I called her doctors office and made her doctors appointment for Oct 23rd. During the month of October she had irregular periods. My daughter never made it to Oct 23rd, which as also her birthday. She passed on Oct. 17th, I found her cold unresponsive in her room at 7am, which I went in to wake her up to take her morning pills.



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